Superior Billing Management for Medical Professionals

Billing Management for Medical Practices

We offer a complete billing management solution that is personalised to suit your practice

What Makes us Different

  1. Knowledge and experience.
  2. Better resource allocation per practice.
  3. Excellent customer retention.

Medical Aid Submissions on Behalf of Patients

We take the hassle out of managing your billing and administration of submissions to medical aids

Solutions for Medical Practitioners

  • Standardised protocols
  • Timeous accounts communication
  • Updated computer systems and software
  • Timeous requests for authorisations
  • Benefits will be checked timeously
  • Patients will know exactly who to contact regarding account queries
  • Friendlier working environment
  • More free time

Superior Billing Management for Medical Professionals.

Your time is valuable, don’t waste it on admin

The Billing Co

Continuous interaction with medical aids and patients regarding the status of accounts to facilitate prompt settlement of all outstanding debt.
Building relationships with the various hospitals and clinics as well as staff and case managers to co-ordinate the correct submission of information from the hospital and practice, to the various medical aids.

Assisting patients with information regarding any shortfall on their accounts as well as the planning of payment arrangements to ensure all accounts are settled within a suitable time period.

Implementation of all billing software updates and Medical aid changes to ensure smooth transactions and no negative impact on cash flow within the practice.

What our clients say

Personally, I can now plan my life as my cashflow is now stable.

Since joining Billing Co I stopped worrying about cash flow and medical aid rejections. My outstanding claims dropped off drastically. They are efficient, transparent and so knowledgeable on all aspects of the billing process.

The numbers speak for themselves.

See the system in action

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